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1. 日本語能力試験にほんごのうりょくしけんについて

1. 日本語能力試験にほんごのうりょくしけんについて

Q1  日本語能力試験にほんごのうりょくしけんとはどんな試験しけんですか?

日本国際教育協会にほんこくさいきょういくきょうかい現日本国際教育支援協会げんにほんこくさいきょういくしえんきょうかい)と国際交流基金こくさいこうりゅうききんが1984 ねん昭和しょうわ59ねん)に開始かいししました。

Q2 日本にほん大学だいがく専門学校せんもんがっこうはいるために日本語能力試験にほんごのうりょくしけんけなければなりませんか?


Q3 ねん何回なんかい実施じっしされますか? 


Q4 だれでも受験じゅけんできますか?


Q5 日本にほん帰化きかして日本国籍にほんこくせきっていますが、受験じゅけんできますか?


Q6 試験会場しけんかいじょうはどこですか?


Q7 海外かいがいでも受験じゅけんできますか?

独立行政法人どくりつぎょうせいほうじん国際交流基金こくさいこうりゅうききん日本語試験にほんごしけんセンター : 電話番号でんわばんごう:03-5367-1021
公益こうえき財団法人ざいだんほうじん日本台湾交流協会にほんたいわんこうりゅうきょうかい東京本部とうきょうほんぶ) 電話番号でんわばんごう:03-5573-2600

Q8 病気びょうきやケガや障害等しょうがいとうのために受験上じゅけんじょう配慮はいりょ申請しんせいしたいのですが、どうすればいいですか




1. About Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

1. About Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

Q1   What sort of examination is the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test?

The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is held in Japan and abroad to evaluate and certify the Japanese language proficiency of non-native speakers.  It has been offered by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (formerly Association of International Education, Japan) and the Japan Foundation since 1984.
For more detailed information, including a summary of linguistic competence required for each level and statistics, please refer to the JLPT website which is jointly managed by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services and the Japan Foundation.

Q2   Do I need to take the JLPT to be considered eligible for entry into a Japanese university or technical school?

This depends on a school which you are making an application to.  Please confirm with them first and take either the JLPT or the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) by following their advice.

Q3   How many times per year is the JLPT held?

It is held twice a year – in July and in December.

Q4   Are there any restrictions as to who can take the JLPT?

There is no age limit or restriction on nationalities. You may take the JLPT even if you have Japanese nationality as long as you are a non-native Japanese speaker.  There are, however, some exceptional circumstances when even native Japanese speakers are asked to take the JLPT.  This is usually when you need to file an application to the Japanese national license examination and/or you have received primary and/or secondary education abroad.  For more details, please contact the JLPT Application Center (tel. 03-6686-2974).

Q5   I am a naturalized citizen of Japan and have Japanese nationality.  May I still take the JLPT?

As long as you are a non-native Japanese speaker, you may take the JLPT regardless of your nationality.

Q6   Where are the JLPT test sites

The JLPT will be held in 47 prefectures in Japan.   However, as we cannot confirm the exact locations until just before the test date, we will notify you when we send out your test voucher.

Q7   Can I take the JLPT outside of Japan?

Yes, you can.  For details, please contact the Japan Foundation Center for Japanese-Language Testing (tel. 03-5367-1021) or for Taiwan, the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, the Interchange Association, Japan (tel. 03-5573-2600).

Q8   I have a disease / a personal injury / disabilities etc.   What should I do?

Please call the JLPT Application Center (03-6686-2974) as soon as the application period starts to obtain a "Request Form for Special Accommodations" and make certain to enclose the completed form with your application.  We provide necessary arrangement for your special needs by e.g. providing Braille papers enlarged print papers, special seating arrangement, headphones and extended answer time depending on your needs.  However, please note that in some cases it may not be possible.  Also most importantly we can only offer you special assistance if you have notified us when you send an application.