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5. 受験票じゅけんひょうについて

Q36 受験票じゅけんひょう名前なまえ生年月日せいねんがっぴ間違まちがっていますが、訂正ていせいできますか?





東京都千代田区一ツ橋とうきょうとちよだくひとつばし1-1-1 パレスサイドビル6階東かいひがしコア



Q37 受験票じゅけんひょうのレベルや試験会場しけんかいじょう変更へんこうできますか?


5. Test Voucher

Q36 My name or date of birth on the test voucher is incorrect.  Can they be corrected?

When you receive the test voucher, please open immediately and verify it.

If the name described on the test voucher is incorrect, the name imprinted on the answer sheet of the test date is incorrect as well, however, please take the test as is.  Changes will not be accepted at the test site.

From the next day the test is held through the designated day described on the application guide, please make the necessary corrections to a photocopy of your test voucher and send it with a photocopy of photo ID and request form for JLPT Test Voucher Data Correction by mail to the Application Center. The correction by phone or FAX is not accepted.

*”Request form for JLPT Test Voucher Data Correction” can be downloaded here.

Mailing address : 〒100-0003
東京都千代田区一ツ橋1-1-1 パレスサイドビル6階東コア
日本語能力試験 受付センター 行

The spelling of your name and your date of birth of the Test Result, Certificate of Japanese-Language Proficiency, and Certificate of Result and Scores will be correct after the procedure is held at the Application Center. A fee of 1,000 yen is necessary for correction after this period.

The spelling of your name and your date of birth of the Test Result and Certificate of Japanese-Language Proficiency will remain incorrect as well.
Note that correction allowed shall be about one or two characters only. Your name or the date of birth may not be altered completely.

Q37 Can I change the level or test site on my test voucher?

You cannot change your level, registration no., test site, or test room.