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4. 団体申込だんたいもうしこみについて

4. 団体申込だんたいもうしこみについて

Q30 団体だんたい複数人数ふくすうにんずう)でもうむことはできますか?


Q31 インターネットで団体申込だんたいもうしこみができますか?


Q32 インターネットで団体申込だんたいもうしこみをする場合ばあいに、団体代表者だんたいだいひょうしゃ団体だんたいぞくする申込者全員もうしこみしゃぜんいん情報じょうほう一括いっかつして登録とうろくすることはできますか?

できます。団体申込だんたいもうしこみのページから所定しょてい入力にゅうりょくフォーマット(Microsoft Excel)をダウンロードして、そこに各個人かくこじん情報じょうほう入力にゅうりょくして登録とうろくしてください。また、受験料じゅけんりょう支払しはらいも一括いっかつしておこなうことができます。

Q33 インターネットで団体申込だんたいもうしこみをする場合ばあいに、団体だんたいぞくする申込者もうしこみしゃ個人用こじんようMyJLPTからもうんだ情報じょうほうを、団体代表者だんたいだいひょうしゃがとりまとめてもうむことはできますか?


Q34 団体申込だんたいもうしこみをした場合ばあい全員ぜんいんおな試験会場しけんかいじょうになりますか?


4. Group Applications

4. Group Applications

Q30   May we apply in a group?

Yes, you may apply as a part of a group by using our group application system.  The condition is that the group should be consisted of at least ten applicants.  For details, please see "How to apply" on our JEES JLPT website during the application period.

Q31   Can group applications be submitted online?

Yes. First, register information for your group with MyJLPT. Registering your information makes subsequent test applications easier. You can register with MyJLPT at anytime and from anywhere.
When submitting your application, please choose either "Block registration by group representative" or "Block registration by grouping individual applications".

Q32   When submitting a group application online, can the group representative register information for all
         applicants in the group at once?

Yes.  The group representative can download the specified format (Microsoft Excel) from the group application page, fill in the information for each applicant, and register the information at once.  The representative can also pay the application fee for all applicants at once.

Q33   For group applications online, can the group representative submit an application for all applicants using the
         MyJLPT application information for each individual in the group?

If the application has individually registered with MyJLPT, they can use the "Group code" and "Group confirmation key" provided by the group representative to apply for the test.  Registration fees can be paid for all applicants once all applicants have completed registration.

Q34   If we apply in a group, will all of us be in a same test location?

In general, we place same group members in a same test location as long as they are from the same address, postal code and same JLPT level.  However, please bear in mind that there could be an exception depending on the capacity of the test location.